Scraper Blades

With our various materials, applications, and sizes, we can make a scraper blade catered to your application. Our scraper blades are composed of urethane and steel with tungsten carbide or ceramics. We prepare the steel in-house and have multiple cavity molds for our scrapers. Our sizes range from 7″ – 24″ wide x 18″ – 96″ long.

Our Series

We have applications in the oil sands, aggregate plants, terminals, and mine sites. With our extensive abilities to imbed ceramics, use varying metal compounds, and polyurethane durometers, we create more robust scrapers to create a lasting product.

P3 can discuss our options for your specific Scraper Blade and offer a long-lasting solution with our experience and Knowledge in Scraper Blades.

With our trusted local suppliers with Wheel Abrading done in house, our commitment to on-time completion can be met to suit your needs.

Durometer Range:


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