Process Equipment

We manufacture a wide range of process equipment components, including flotation components, pump parts, cyclone parts, scraper blades, liners, and any part configuration. Our large capacity machines are suitable for high volume and repetitive parts. We are working with both OEMs and end users to meet your needs.

Our Series

We understand that downtime is costly. Our goal is to work with you and your specific application to determine the right material and ways in which we can increase your wear life, reducing that costly downtime. With options for imbedded ceramics, steel, rubber, tungsten carbide and more – our polyurethane products become powerhouses in the field.

If you are not sure if your wear product is suitable for polyurethane, do not hesitate to reach out to our team to determine if we can help.

The durometer of polyurethane will affect a material’s resistance to wear in different applications. We offer various durometers and colours to suit the application requirements.

We have two Urethane Process Machines with plenty of floor space in our production and finishing shops to facilitate your needs in casting and finishing your components. We are focussed on large component pours and have the expertise in completing your order on time and of the highest quality cast.

Durometer Range:


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