Our Other Services

Shot Blasting

With our Wheelabrator shot blasting machine, we control quality, lead time, and keep costs down. Our ability to do in-house shot blasting is another way to control lead times for completing projects.

Our large capacity Wheelabrator is the right tool for the job, it has a rotating bed to ensure all surfaces are blasted to required spec. This allows us to control and minimize outsourcing for blasting, to reduce lead times and reliance on outsourcing. We offer this to reduce the cost for shipping that is not needed due to in-house blasting.


We have many shapes and sizes of ceramic tile and Hex Mat, from 2” x 6” tile to ½” Hex-mat, we can suit your ceramic needs. We can cut to custom sizes and have a large volume in stock to reduce lead times as well. With our knowledge and experience we can offer a superior product with reduced lead times for your need.


We can repair Cast Urethane and some Substrate damage on your component in house. Some examples are shipping damage, overuse damage, small gouges, impact and other types of damage. With our knowledge and communication of Repair Requirements, we can offer a solution that meets your needs.

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