About Us

P3 is a polyurethane manufacturing company specializing in large pours for process equipment and custom parts of varying sizes and material compounds. We began casting urethane in 2000. Since then, P3 has been a leading manufacturer of abrasion and corrosion-resistant urethane components, offering additional options to rubber and steel products for increasing wear life and decreasing downtime and costs for the mining, oil, and gas companies.

Diverse Expertise

We are far more than just urethane casting. Our diverse expertise and broad technical capabilities for steel substrate, urethane molding, lining, ceramic casting, on-site measurements with 3D scanning, wear dynamics, and application analysis, with design services.

We have cast urethane in our custom molds since 2000 and are the largest volume polyurethane producers in western Canada, servicing Canada and the international market. P3 offers a unique design for complex solutions with various materials, durometers, sizes, and colours.

With two urethane casting machines, P3 has high-capacity manufacturing capability. We can expedite and deliver emergency orders and offer short lead times for producing OEM cast parts and specialty products.

We are proud of our 100% traceable QA procedures that are auditable and approved by oil, gas, and mining companies.

Our products are used worldwide by some of the industry’s biggest OEM, Mining, and Oil names. As a privately owned and operated business, we proudly support our local economy and community through charitable donations and events.

Our focus is on building long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors, producing high-quality parts, and offering solutions to extend your wear life, decrease downtime, and increase profits. At P3, we promise to build value into every project and urethane component while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customer service, and quality construction.

Small Projects

In 2023 P3 is adding an autoclave to its Surrey facility to add the capabilities of rubber lining of smaller components for the Vancouver area market for products such as pulley lagging, rollers and small chutes.

Larger components and projects, will continue to be through our sister company, Progressive Rubber Industries in Kamloops, BC. At PRI we have additional capabilities with design services, mold fabrication, a fully qualified steel fabrication facility including pressure welding certification, rubber lining, ceramic lining and rubber molding facilities to have even more solutions aimed at increasing your plants availability and productivity.

Fun Facts

If you ride on the Disneyland tram,
you are riding on a P3 urethane product!

What We Do

Custom Polyurethane Casting, specializing

Who We Are

Highest volume polyurethane company in Western Canada with broad technical capabilities

Why Trust Us

Operating since 2000 with 100% traceability
Dedication to the highest level of business standards and ethics

Company Highlights

  • 1000+ Installations
  • 20+ years in operation
  • 100% traceability
  • 30+ materials & compounds
  • 11,500 sq ft facility
  • Two urethane casting machines
  • On-site blasting
  • Rubber autoclave
  • Cold bond and vulcanized rubber capability
  • Spray coatings and cement
  • Curing ovens

Quality Products

Extend your equipment's life, reduce downtime, and increase product availability and profits. As the highest volume polyurethane company in Western Canada, Progressive Polyurethane Products has much to offer your business. To learn more about the products that can help your business grow, browse the categories below to find what is of interest to you. 

Process Equipment

Pulleys, Rollers & Wheels

Scraper Blades

Custom Cast Products

Spray Urethane


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